St. Miklós Primary School, EGYMI, College and Children's Home



Our institution is located in Óbuda that is the heart of Budapest’s 3rd district, and it is surrounded by block of houses and green areas as well (Hajógyári Island and Margaret Island). The vicinity of schools, playgrounds, libraries and sports facilities provides recreational and developmental opportunities for our pupils.


The St. Miklós Primary School, EGYMI, College and Children's Home is for children with special educational needs (learning disabilities and integrated trainable mentally handicapped and autistic) in school grades 1-8.


We believe that the base of the existence and work of our institution is that our pupils with multiply impaired intellect and personality and with a particularly difficult fate get the care tailored to their individual needs. They get specialised foster care, education and individualised injury-specific development, which prepare them for a balanced, socially valuable and more or less independent life.


Distribution of capacity:
  • School: 90 pupils

  • College: 31 pupils

  • Children’s home: 40 pupils (aged from 5 to 25)

  • Apartment home: 14 pupils


In the collage, children’s home and apartment home there is a qualified staff on duty that cares of residents. In the children’s home and apartment home the residents live in clean and modern 2 bed rooms.


Te enrollment conditions are as follows:
  • School:
    • Based on the proposal of Professional and Rehabilitation Commission who tests the learning abilities

    • Based on the requirements of the parents

  • College:
    • Based on the proposal of Professional and Rehabilitation Commission who tests the learning abilities

    • Based on the requirements of the parents

  • Children’s home and Apartment home:
    • Based on the proposal of Professional and Rehabilitation Commission who tests the learning abilities

    • Based on the proposal of the District Child Protection Service and the decision of the Guardianship in charge


The apartment home and children’s home provide home type service for children in the child protection system who currently are or were our pupils.


Basic goals:
  • Appropriate remedial training, education and development of children with special educational needs.

  • Establishment of a happy and safe environment for students and residents.

  • Instilling correct human values and standards in compliance with educational department requirements and societal expectations.

  • Balanced and meaningful life coaching from school grades 1-8.

  • High level teaching of basic literacy, numeracy and cultural literacy development.

  • Further studies, career guidance, talent and skills’ development, teaching of the eco-friendly mentality and alleviation of social disadvantages.


Goals in the school:
  • Government and community funded elementary education based on the curriculum for specific learning needs arising from the students' status and position. Our method is the Meixner-method that pays attention to the abilities of children with special educational needs. This method takes their personal learning abilities into account.

  • Adapted physical education.

  • Psychological care.

  • Eco-friendly behavior and health education.

  • Speech therapy, physical therapy, rehabilitation, dyslexia prevention therapy.

  • All inclusive talent management, family life education, preparation for independent living.


Goals in the college:
  • Government and community funded college and meal service for children whose family situation warrants so.

  • Support of those who are socially disadvantaged.

  • Cultural integration programs for Roma students and residents, etc.

  • Constant improvement of school and residents’ facilities and education programs.

  • Government and community funded excursions within Hungary and occasionally to other countries.


Goals in the children’s home and the apartment home:
  • Free care and education that fit to the age, the condition and the situation of the children.

  • Atmosphere that gives security and emotional stability.

  • Preparation for the self-sufficing lifestyle and for the social integration.

  • Family support, case management.

  • Legal representation of children ' interests.


Our special services:
  • In the school:
    • Client-oriented, special, differentiated, individualised, action-oriented, practical, instrumental and convertible acquisition of knowledge.

    • Development of skills, abilities and key competencies development.

  • In the college, children’s home and apartment home:
    • Behavioural and personality development tailored to individual needs, therapy, socialization and mental health.

    • Injury-specific treatment.

    • Corrective, compensatory, integrative, rehabilitation and habilitation education.

We have an open day once a year. It is in February. We welcome the future first year students and their parents. People, who wish to offer support, are given an insight into school life therefore they are also welcome at this time.

Visits are by appointment only.


Contact to school management (please contact via telephone beforehand):

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. every weekday,

Phone: School Secretary - 06 1 453 4800 from Hungary and 00 36 1 453 4800 from abroad.

E-mail:   or